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NOBODY VISITS EUROPE JUST FOR ITS HOTELS. And when you look back on your trip, it’s a safe bet that the first things you’ll remember will be the experiences, encounters and fascinating places, not the fact that you spent a great night at Hotel YYY in City ZZZ.

But as invigorating and memorable as the day’s experiences may be, sooner or later everybody does, in fact, go back to a hotel in the evening.  That’s why our hotel choices are not an afterthought or an add-on.  They’re a key part of your overall travel experience, so we put a lot of effort and imagination into picking the right places.  We balance  comfort, location, cost, architectural and historical features, and atmosphere in making our picks.

Our friends give us high marks for the hotels they stay in. Where possible, we’ll always choose a family-owned inn, art hotel or smallish boutique hotel over a chain.  We make it a point to include out-of-the-ordinary venues such as country inns, city manor houses, a lodge or a mill as frequently as possible. And we’re known for ferreting out under-the-radar monasteries, abbeys, chateaux and castles. Our travelers love them!

Regardless of the locale, you’ll always have a private bath and a shared or single room, whichever you prefer.  Be assured, too, that we personally select each hotel.  We do not rely on wholesalers or booking agents offering cut-rate places for places we’ve never seen. We negotiate directly with the families or owners who manage our hotels and do our level best to secure pricing that allow us to keep our tours affordable.

Whether it’s a city boutique hotel, bishop’s residence, manor, castle, country lodge or an abbey, you’ll love the flavor and atmosphere our hotels offer.