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Privacy Policy


This explanation sets forth our practices with regard to your privacy in connection with your use of our website and your other contacts with our company.  First and foremost, we want you to know that 1) We consider your privacy as a serious matter; 2) We do not spam, and 3) Our privacy policy was modeled on the policy of the FTC.

When you visit our website, we automatically collect some temporary information about your visit to help us improve navigation on our site, to improve our services to you and other visitors, or to investigate possible disruption of service attacks. This information may include an IP (Internet protocol) address; the date and time of your visit; and the browser software and operating system used for your visit.  We also use “cookies” technology to keep track of your visit while you are using the website. Your computer can be configured to delete cookies or to disable them altogether.

A cookie is a small text file stored on your computer that will help us serve you better. Our cookies hold no information that can personally identify you. We may use two types of cookies:

“Session” cookies which are removed from your system when you close your browser, i.e. when you leave the sebsite/end the session. Session cookies may be required to reserve a tour on our website. They store information about the selections you have made, and enable us to keep track of your choices as you browse website.

Ongoing or “persistent cookies” stay on your computer for varying lengths of time until you remove them.  We use some of these cookies to find out how to make our website more useful to our users and others may be used for services we may provide, such as live chat.

When you provide us with your email address by contacting us via our website or via separate email or by another channel, or by reserving a tour, we will send you occasional updates, news and information about Treasures of Europe Tours. You may opt out at any time using the links provided in the email, or you may write to request removal.

Treasures of Europe Tours may also use third-party services such as Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube to communicate and interact with the public. You may encounter these services as separate websites (for example, Treasure of Europe’s Facebook page or applications embedded within the Treasure of Europe’s website). These services are controlled and operated by third parties, and are not our websites or applications. By interacting with us through these third-party services, you may be providing third parties access to your personal information, which they could use to distinguish or trace your identity. Any information collected by a third-party service is subject to the privacy policies of the third-party service provider. These third-party services may use persistent cookies.

Generally, the Treasures of Europe Tours does not collect, disseminate, or maintain any personally identifiable information that you make available through these third-party services, except in limited instances as permitted by the FTC or applicable law. Any such third-party services are meant as a supplement to Treasure of Europe Tour’s traditional marketing and communication efforts, including mail, email, print media, advertising, personal communication and communication by phone  If you want to communicate with us, please use these traditional channels to contact us.

Why We Ask for Certain Information  When you reserve your tour through our website or by contacting us directly we will ask you for basic information (such as your name, phone number and contact info). This will enable us to identify you and process your reservation. We will also ask you to confirm that you are physically and mentally able to participate in our tours. After the booking is confirmed, we will ask you to provide us with additional information so we can understand your interests and needs and do our best to accommodate you on the road.

For example, we may require information about your dietary requirements and preferences so we can be aware of them during the tour. We may ask you about your age as well as physical and health matters to help us be aware of any issues while we’re on the road together.

We may ask you specifics about the kinds of items you are interested in purchasing if you join one of our antiques tours, as well as your preferences for periods, styles, looks, materials, etc.

In addition, we will be requesting that you provide us with your flight information (for overall coordination and airport transfers), contact information (for someone at home, in case we need to help you reach them during the trip), as well as passport information (for security reasons).

We will not release your address, email address, preferences or other personal data to any outside company or entity, except as required by law. This means specifically, that we will not share your name, address or other personal identifiers with marketers, advertisers, charities or others who would be using the information for purposes outside the operation of our business.