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A Gourmet Tour — School Lunch in France


School Lunch in France – A Gourmet Tour



A Special Small-Group Expedition to Explore the Hidden Cuisine of French Schools – Coming in 2017


France is a magnet for people around the world who delight in good food. It’s not for nothing that French cuisine has been inscribed in the UNESCO registry as part of the world’s intangible cultural heritage.

It all begins in school.

French school kids are exposed to the “pleasures of the table” early on with cuisine that would be classified as gourmet in many other countries —  blanquette de veau (veal with leeks and cream),  ratatouille, organic crudités, spinach gratin, sustainably-sourced fish, brandade de morue, artisanal cheeses and organic bread. It’s balanced, nourishing food — much of it locally sourced or organic. It’s also a way of affirming the joy of eating, sharing and what the French call convivialité.

Join Treasures of Europe Tours on the this road tour and take a look behind the scenes at how the French “do” school lunch. You’ll be amazed and inspired. Meet the chefs and get to know the thinkers, learn about the policies, find out what’s on the menu, learn about sourcing and eat like a local!  In addition to school fare, we’ll also be sampling the cuisine de terroir in markets, farms, bistros and restaurants along the way.


Interested? We’re putting the tour together right now and will announce it later in 2016. Email us to get on the advance list and let us know if you have any questions. We’re at


We’ll keep you posted and let you know the dates.

See our Huffington Post article about school lunch in France this month.

To tide you over, check out this slideshow to see what French school kids are eating right now.