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Share and Save

Are you traveling solo?  Would you like to save on the price of your tour?

Our tour prices are based on double occupancy — two people sharing a double room. This is standard in the travel business. If you are traveling solo, we’ll be glad to reserve a single room for you.

All hotels charge higher rates for single rooms, which is why we unfortunately have to add a surcharge if you’re traveling solo. The amount varies from tour to tour. Check the description for the tour you’re interested in to find out what the single surcharge is.

Some travelers feel a few extra dollars is well worth it. Others enjoy company and are happy sharing a room with a fellow traveler.

Are you traveling solo? Would you like to share a double room with someone else on the tour? If so, you will not have to pay the single surcharge. You and your roommate will each pay the same double occupancy rate others on the tour pay for their double rooms.

At the time you reserve your tour, let us know if you are interested in sharing a double. We’ll be happy to look for a roommate for you. There’s no additional charge for this service. We can’t guarantee that we’ll find someone, but we’ll do our level best. If we find a match, we’ll confirm and provide you with the details. If we’re not able to find someone interested in sharing a double, we’ll let you know that as well.