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Small Group Travel


The Small-Group Plus

TRAVELING WITH A SMALL GROUP OFFERS INCREDIBLE ADVANTAGES. A few years ago on one of our tours, a fellow traveler spotted a huge clutch of tired tourists, cameras strapped around their necks, filing off a 55-seat bus, with a Marine-style tour leader, clipboard in hand, undoubtedly used to running his groups on precision timing.

She shuddered and gasped “Wow — that could be us!” She wasn’t dissing the other group. But seeing them made her realize that traveling with us meant a world of difference. The others in our little group immediately got the point.

Wow — that could be us…

When you sign on for a Treasures of Europe tour, you’re joining a safari, not a sightseeing excursion. You’ll be able to immerse yourself in the world, not just watch it go by. And you’ll feel comfortable, whether you’re traveling solo, with a friend, as a couple or with a family member, because we limit the number of travelers to a manageable number — usually 10-20. You’ll feel like “family” by the time the trip is over.

Because of the flexibility we offer, you’ll experience a world of possibilities that are not available to large tourist groups – unplanned stops, on-the-fly encounters with welcoming local people, strudel-bearing and tea-offering shop owners, impromptu visits, “me-time” options, and enriching opportunities around the edges such as tracing a medieval town wall its entire length, an evening visit to a jazz club, an organ concert, a special museum visit or people-watching as you sip an espresso at a sidewalk café.

We promise… No drill masters, no clipboards, no huge groups, no cookie-cutter itineraries.  Just lots of personal attention, high-quality service, insight and fun!