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Solo-Friendly Travel


Solo-Friendy Travel

The Right Mix  Treasures of Europe trips appeal to solo travelers as well as couples and friends or family members traveling together.

If you’re traveling alone, we assume you like it that way!  You won’t be at a disadvantage on our tour and there’s no reason to be concerned about being a third wheel or the odd man out. Solo travelers are just as important to us as couples.

Since one tour guide accompanies the group throughout the tour, there are no “hand-offs” to outside tour leaders. This continuity means that we can insure the high quality of service that you expect and that we are committed to provide.

It also means that we can be attentive to the needs of our individual travelers. You may be traveling solo, but you won’t be alone. We consider it an important part of our job to make sure that solo travelers are as much a part of the group as couples are. This doesn’t mean group activities are the only option! There are times on the trip when the group has to stay together, but there are also other options along the way.

If you want to sit out a visit to a market or skip breakfast, that’s fine. If the others want Schnitzel for dinner and you want to sushi, you’re free to scout out the nearest sushi joint — and we’ll help you find it. If you need a little extra “me time,” and want to take in a concert by yourself in the evening, we’ll get the details and help you make the arrangements. If you travel solo with us, we’ll help you find the balance that works for you.