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Creating Memories

Creating Memories

You’ll be immersed in history, culture and local life throughout the trip.  And the random encounters and unscripted moments you experience are often just as unforgettable as the destinations you visit…

“… We were just about done shopping, when the dealer waved through the window to a barn out back. He unlocked the door and let us comb through a huge stash of antique furniture, estate finds and vintage treasures that hadn’t even made it into his shop. We scored!”

Imagine the stories you’ll be recounting and the experiences that will stay with you long after the trip.

… Relive the astonishing Pinot Noirs you tasted at a top VDP winery and remember the cellar master’s passion as he told you about his craft.

… Regale your family and friends with the story about the farmer’s wife who wouldn’t let you leave until you tried her homemade walnut schnapps, or the fruit grower who had 8 different kinds of pear cider for you to sample.

… Remember the riveting meeting you had with a human rights activist and the private tour of the former East German Stasi headquarters.

… Remember how a wizened vintner regaled you with stories about last year’s harvest and how proud he was that his daughter is following in his footsteps.

… Remember the moment you found that to-die-for 1940s industrial table… those Bohemian Christmas ornaments… that striking French bureau or that cool painted armoire… those two vintage 60s dresses… that irresistible box lot that yielded some unbelievable finds… that Cubist vase, Baroque mirror or Art Nouveau-era painting…

…Bask in the memory of those astonishing, indescribable Slow Food Moments – smelling a truffle the second it comes out of the ground… hearing a local farm woman describe how she put together the meal she is about to serve to you… listening to a local butcher explain how he cures his meats… tasting a rich ruby Pinot in the shadow of a chestnut tree after having just heard the winemaker explain how he made it…

Moments like these are indescribable. You’ll savor them long after your journey is over!