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Authentic Travel

The Journey is as Important as the Destination…

 … And the authentic experiences you’ll have along the way with Treasures of Europe will define your trip.  

If someone referred you to us, or if you’ve gone to the effort to find us on your own, we suspect you’re the type of person who wants an authentic travel experience instead of a canned one.

If so, our approach offers you the ingredients that matter most: Experiences, Encounters and Personal Connections.  We’re known for going incredible lengths to find the right ingredients for our trips to Europe.  They’re unique to our brand of travel…

 … We’ll ravish our rolodex and spend days tracking down a special antiques dealer on a farmstead in the lowlands of southeastern Bohemia, or a private collector in remote Saxony.

 … We’ll finagle a special after-hours get-together with an up-and-coming garage winemaker or a private tasting with a vintner whose family has been making wine for three centuries.

 … We’ll plot our route very carefully to make sure you don’t miss Europe’s best flea market, and we’ll get you up early to shop one of the choicest antiques markets on the continent, which is held only once a year.

 … We’ll go beyond the usual stable of guides and engage an expert local art historian for an insider’s look at the architecture and history of Prague.

 … We’ll broaden the itinerary with a side trip to scope out medieval Jewish Speyer, to take in a Bach Cantata, meet a human rights activist, or engage a local monk to tell us about monastery life.

 … We’ll ferret out one of Black Forest’s best traditional home cooks and set up a private visit so you can see her garden, hear her secrets and enjoy a locavore feast on her farm.

 …We’ll track down the butcher who was voted “Bratwurst King of Franconia” and set up a private tasting.

 These are just a few of the kinds of authentic experiences you’ll have on the road with us.  You won’t just be “seeing Europe,” you’ll be living it. You’ll connect with the culture, history, art and present-day life of the region.  You’ll have vibrant, genuine encounters with real people.  And you’ll experience the spirit, tastes, smells and textures of that make Europe so fascinating, and a travel experience like ours so invigorating.