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Under the Radar


Traveling Under the Radar

When we talk about The Road Less Traveled, we really mean it. Every travel company has its own imprint and style. Ours is a little different.  If you’re achin’ to veer off the well-trodden tourist circuit and drill down below the stereotypes, you’ll be happy with what’s on our menu…

We promise: We’ll never take you to Mad King Ludwig’s Neuschwanstein Castle (beautiful, but it’s basically a 19th- century remake).  We won’t be visiting the Oktoberfest (fun, but everybody goes there and it’s just too crowded).  And, though we’ll include a stop in Brussels, we’ll concentrate on the beautiful smaller towns and villages of Flanders that many people miss.

We gravitate toward the back-roads  and quiet spots as well as the pulsing new finds, edgy and unusual venues, under-the-radar stops and hidden corners.

Our safaris will help you experience parts of Europe that are less discovered – places like northern Bavaria and hidden hot spots in eastern Bavaria, Flanders (in Belgium), eastern France, Saxony and the Ore Mountain region, Baden and the Palatinate in western Germany, nooks and crannies in Austria, eastern Bohemia and northern Moravia (in addition to Prague!) in today’s Czech Republic.

Come explore Europe with us!  If you were to check us out on a random day, you would find that we’re hanging with interesting people and doing interesting things…

…We’ll be visiting an outstanding winemaker in a town nobody’s ever heard of or combing the hot new antiques shopping route in Europe’s Attic.

…We’ll be shopping all-day at an antique market where Americans never venture, and visiting a woodworker’s shop in a Saxon hill town.

…We will skip the better-known high-traffic areas so you can visit the lesser-known region where most of France’s truffles come from.

… We’ll be tasting wines in a 15th-century cellar, meeting a terrific regional cook deep in a Black Forest Valley, or taking a tour of historic nativity scenes and creches no one has ever heard of

…We’ll be tracking down the fun new wine bar and the up-and-coming vintner, the old mill filled with antique and vintage treasures, the cheesmaker, farmer, butcher and baker… the city that still has its medieval town wall and the castle where you can spend the night.

 Expect the unexpected and get ready to experience a side of Europe you’ve never seen before!